Tuesday 19 September 2017 Japan

As part of CNEA's activities aimed at promoting  international best practices in terms of improving the business environment and with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Rabat, a study visit for the members of CNEA’s Secretariat was organised to Japan between September 19th and 27th, 2017. This mission was funded by JICA and focused on visiting a number of Japanese government agencies and institutions to identify best practices in improving the business environment.

In addition, a series of meetings with private companies were scheduled by JICA, to exchange views on the business climate and investment in Morocco. This visit was also an occasion to inquire about the Japanese experience in this field, to identify several good practices which would help strengthen the process of improving the national business environment and demonstrate the strengths and potential of Morocco, through its geostrategic position, its stability, its infrastructures, its sectoral strategies and all the reforms carried out in recent years. CNEA’s Secretariat has also identified other important areas of cooperation that can be put in place with the support of JICA.