Thursday 05 May 2016

As part of its openness towards the private sector and the academic world, the National committee for Business Environment received the Steering Committee of the ISCAE Alumni Association (ALISCA).

On Thursday, 05 May 2016, the permanent secretariat of the National committee for Business Environment and the ISCAE Alumni Association organised at the Head of Government Office (Annex) in Rabat a meeting to establish an initial contact with a perspective of developing a partnership aimed at improving the business environment in Morocco.

This meeting, which was organised on the initiative of ALISCA’s steering committee, offered an opportunity for both parties to inquire about each other’s actions and to discuss possible areas of collaboration in the short, medium and long terms.

ALISCA was represented at this meeting by Ms. Naima NASR and Mr.Moussa JELLOULI, respectively, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, while the CNEA was represented by Messrs. Hamid KHAIL, Younes ELBAKIRDI, Abderrazzak MOURCHID, Khalid BENABDALLAH and Yassine MEDDAD.

The ISCAE Alumni Association (ALISCA) was founded in 1997 and comprises a network of 10000 graduates: undergraduate and graduate levels, Grande Ecole, Accounting Expertise, Ph.D., Executive MBA, Master's degree, Higher Education diploma in Management and International Trade.

ALISCA is also one of the nine founding members of the association "Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (UAE BIDAYA)", which has 300 officially registered entrepreneurs and provides support for approximately 1000 business leaders, and it supports it on different aspects of the projects carried by this category of entrepreneurs.