The Committee is a platform for public-private dialogue

Created in 2010 and chaired by the Head of Government, the National Business Environment Committee (CNEA) is responsible for proposing measures to the government to improve the environment and the legal framework for business, coordinating their implementation and assessing their impact on the sectors concerned. It carries out its mission in consultation with the various public and private partners concerned

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General Regulations for Construction (RGC)

The importance of the urban planning sector no longer needs to be proven.  Its strong economic and social impact on job creation, housing promotion, development of activity zones

Order for payment procedure

The law No.1.13 on the order for payment procedure was published in the official bulletin of March 20, 2014.

Public-private partnership contracts

The Public-private partnership contracts are now governed by Dahir No. 1.14.192 of 1 Rabii I  1436 (December 24 ,  2014) promulgating Law No.

The Common Company Identifier (ICE)

The Common Company Identifier (ICE) was institutionalized by decree No. 2-11-63 of May 20, 2011.

Decree on the National Commission for Public Procurement

The adoption of the new decree on the National Commission for Public Procurement in September 2015, aims at establishing an administrative body, which is composed of experts in th

Implementation of the national electronic platform « » dedicated to the administrative procedures for businesses

The web portal « » is an innovative national technology platform that comes within the framework of the CNEA's action plan.

Access to funding: innovations dedicated to companies

In this context, a number of achievements have been made, which aimed to implement a range of structural reforms that could facilitate access to finance for all types of companies

Abolition of the minimum capital requirement for the creation of a limited liability company

As part of the recent reform of the law on limited liability companies aimed, inter alia, at reducing and simplifying procedures for setting up limited liability companies, the mi

Reduction of the company's registration fees

As part of efforts to simplify business creation procedures, the company's registration fees were reduced from January 2013 by the fixing of a fee of MAD 1,000 instead of the prop

Dematerialisation of Import and Export licences and physical procedures

This reform is meant to reduce the period of time required to obtain the import and export licences.

Dematerialisation of tax data exchange between the General Treasury of the Kingdom and the municipality of Casablanca

Dematerialising the exchange of tax data between the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR) and the municipality of Casablanca will contribute to facilitating the registering prope

Implementation of an electronic platform for exchanging data between the General Tax Administration and the General Treasury of the Kingdom

The aim of this project is to set up and operationalize an electronic platform for exchanging data between the General Tax Administration and the General Treasury of the Kingdom,

Dematerialisation of the procedure for issuing urban planning authorisations

CASAURBA is an electronic platform for the management of urban planning authorisations, launched in 2013 in the city of Casablanca, it allows users to make appointments online to

Operationalisation of the general construction regulations : launch of version 2.0 of the CASAURBA system

With a view to promoting the dematerialised management of procedures for the issuance of urban planning authorisations, a new version of the single window for urban planning was l

Creation of business online (CREOL)

The project concerning the creation of business online has attracted special attention in Morocco and was identified as one of the CNEA's priority projects.

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